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You are a Vendor

We are one of the very first IT distributors in the Central Eastern European region and have succesfully developed the business of both new entry and established IT manufacturers. Unlike other distributors within the region we can provide both a value-added distribution solution and also a broadline distribution service. Our value-added distribution service adds additional go-to-market services needed to develop sales when the manufacturer themselves have no local representation. Our broadlinedistribution service provide a high quality local order, delivery and financing function where the service provider/reseller have existing knowledge or where the manufacturer has an established local business and simply wishes further expansion.

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You are a Reseller

We are proud to provide and endorse products and solutions which provide significant competitive advantage for our resellers. Our philosphy is simple, "If we help YOU be successfull, then we will also be successfull". We operate our own partner programme CompeXCEL in which you can obtain benefits which will provide improved income and profitability for you. Whilst you do not have to join our partner programme to receive support and purchase products through us, the cost for you is zero and there are several uniques advantages. All we require is the completion of a simple questionaire concerning your company from a sales, support and financial perspective. In return you will receive regular news offers and promotions, project registration discount support, a financial credit allocation, named account manager, free vendor training events and marketing support.

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You are a Service Provider

We understand your business needs and provide a portfolio of products and solutions which have been carefully selected to ensure we satisfy all of your requirements. We treat you as a full business partner and offer a range of tailorable services specifically designed to aid your business.

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You are a Potential Customer

Whilst we do not directly sell to end-customers we will be there with you every step of the way. From solution design through to implementation and the thereafter after sales support. We will happily introduce you to one of our expert partners, our vendors or work together with a partner of your choice.

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