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Unitrends Enterprise Backup™

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Enterprise Edition

This is the purchased version of Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ that is primarilylicensed as a combination of the following:

  • Per-socket for host-level protection of virtual environments.
  • Per-server for bare metal and operating system-level protection of physical environments.
  • Per-server for application-level protection of virtual or physical environments. Please note that forvirtual servers that are VSS-aware that application-level protection is available; however, more flexibleapplication-aware backup is optionally available as well.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup™

SimplyScalable™ | Enterprise Data Protection for Every Business

Virtualization creates enormous opportunity for forward-thinking IT professionals byenabling an agile IT infrastructure while reducing your capital costs. Unfortunately,data protection vendors to date have offered a false choice: either use advancedfeatures available with virtualization-only point products or pay exorbitant licensingfees for enterprise data protection solutions with mediocre virtualization functionality.What is needed is heterogeneous enterprise-class scalable data protection with nextgeneration functionality that is as affordable as a niche product.

Unitrends has provided next-generation enterprise-class data protection to thousandsof customers. Now with Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ we are offering a software-onlysolution available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere thatgoes beyond virtualization. No longer do you have to learn and manage two or moreseparate products to protect your virtual and physical infrastructure and extend thatdata protection to the cloud.

| Beyond Virtualization: Unitrends Enterprise Backup™

Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ was designedusing our patent-pending Simply Scalable™technology to excel at the challenges of enterprise-class data protection forged from theground-up to embrace virtual, physical, andcloud-based environments.

Benefits of our single solution virtual appliance-based approach include:

Design IT around your customers insteadof your backup

Heterogeneous? We supportover 100 versions of servers, storage,operating systems, hypervisors, and applicationsincluding NAS, SAN, Windows,Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, SQL,Exchange, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, andmany others. Optimal data protectionfor this many different environments hasdriven a unique data protection architecturethat supports agent-based andagentless protection as well as file- andimage level protection.

Flexible recovery strategies

Instantspin-up recovery? Yes. Instant granularrecovery? Yes. But we’re just gettingstarted. Similar and dissimilar physical and virtual bare metal allow youto perform P2P, V2P, P2V, and V2V recovery.

Flexible data protection strategies.

Ofcourse we offer incremental forever withsynthetics for VMware and Hyper-V (as wellas some physical environments as well.)We also offer fully customized configurationsof backup strategies including full/full, full/differential, full/incremental, andcompletely “create it yourself” strategies.We don’t limit you to single server jobscheduling nor do we force you to use multipleserver job scheduling - we offer both.

Global deduplication and CBT

We offercompression and deduplication acrossmultiple storage devices via our advancedstorage virtualization and thin provisioningcapabilities that are built-in to our virtualappliances. CBT (Change Block Tracking) issupported on both Microsoft and VMwarehypervisors to eliminate redundant data aswell.

Instant recovery

Failover virtualization enablesinstant recovery for VMware.

Near-continuous data protection

World class RPO (RecoveryPoint Objectives) - backups canbe performed as often as onceevery 60 seconds.

Archiving: make the most ofyour WAN

Disk, tape (if thehypervisor supports it), NAS,and SAN rotational and fixedarchiving of tertiary backups isbuilt-in and works alone and withreplication.

Replication and disaster recovery

Single-tenant and multi-tenantreplication is supported bothin a private cloud as well as ourpublic cloud, Vault2Cloud service.

Environmentally adaptive userinterface

Our technology supportsscaling up and scaling out,but what about scaling down tolower the learning curve of lessexperienced users? Our environmentallyadaptive user interfaceprovides ease of use withoutsacrificing click minimization forexperienced users. And unlikeother products, all with virtuallyno wizards.

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